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Golf Training Aids

Every golfer is looking for that golf training aid to improve their game. You can hire a pro instructor or go back to the old standby of practice, practice and more practice.. However, we can’t all afford professional help so we go alternatives for help. Such as acquiring an inexpensive driving net.. I have one that is under $100, easy to set up and takes very little space. This is a real benefit and allows for convenient practice without having to drive to the driving range. This is a good investment, give it some thought.

Another excellent training aid is the practice mat. I have two and they usually cost under $25. One has a level hitting area and the other offers two options, one level and the other is of the fairway or rough makeup. This gives you the opportunity to hit from different lays. Both these mats come with different size tees for variety. Set these in front of your net and your all set for a good round of practice. You can use your driver, irons or wedges. Please visit for all of your backyard golf practice mat needs.

What if you live in a cold climate area and none of the above is appropriate for the conditions. Well, I purchased a swing trainer called the “Groovie” which you can use indoors throughout the winter months.