A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the best sports around. It is relaxing yet challenging, steeped in tradition yet always changing with new golf courses and club technology. For these reasons, along with the initial cost of buying good golf clubs, taking on golf as a beginner can be a very daunting task. One of the first things beginner golfers should learn is about the different types golf clubs. After all, choosing the best club for a shot is a big part of golf game success. Let’s take a step-by-step look at the different types golf clubs we see on the course.

So, you’ve finally made it to a golf course to play your first round of golf. You’ve acquired a set of clubs, and you step up to the first tee. Now what? Well, now it is time for a driver. A driver is a long-shafted club with a full head used to hit a ball off the tee. The club head aims to achieve maximum distance, so there will not be much lift when you swing it. Club heads are limited in size, but many popular models feature ‘oversized’ club heads that approach the legal size limits set by the USGA. Oversized drivers are often a good choice for beginning golfers, because they can give you a long, straight shot even if you do not hit the ball just right. The ability of a golf club to straighten and elongate bad shots is called ‘forgiveness’. Many brand name drivers can cost anywhere from $200 to $400. However, sometimes good drivers can be bought at a discount if you find the right sale, or you can purchase a used driver. For great discounts on brand name driver clubs, see our driver pricing information. We even have cheap drivers that are under $100, perfect for beginners!

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods a similar to drivers. They are basically drivers that provide different trajectories. This trajectory is often called ‘loft’. Basically, the higher the ball goes in the air, the more loft it has. Fairway woods are a misnomer of sorts because they, like all other golf clubs, are usually made out of metal. The name ‘wood’ is just a reference to the old days, when these golf clubs were actually made out of wood.

Fairway woods come with different numbers associated with them, which indicates the amount of loft. Starting at two (the driver counts as the one wood), fairway woods can go up as far as eight and nine, but these higher numbered fairway woods are not as common. The higher the number wood, the more loft the golf club provides. For example, a three wood will hit a ball lower and longer than a five wood, which will hit a ball higher and shorter. Fairway woods can be used for shots from (you guessed it) the fairway, or from off the tee instead of a driver, for a more accurate tee shot. A beginner wood set would normally consist of a three, five and seven wood, and cost somewhere in the range of $150 to $300 dollars. At Total Golf Clubs, we feature fairway woods for all budgets, everything from discount fairway woods, which won’t break your budget, all the way up to the brand name fairway woods you know and love.

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